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West Bengal.

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About Chhandaneerh


CHHANDANEERH is a dance institute offering courses on Bharatnatyam – one of the most celebrated and classical forms of dance. Situated in the district town of Medinipur, West Bengal under the direct guidance and proprietorship of Joyeeta Hore, Chhandaneerh has been endeavoring to impart Bharatnatyam since 2004. With an aim to spread dance-literacy across the state while retaining the purity of this classical dance form it has been striving relentlessly for the last one decade. Besides, Chandaneerh also offers courses in creative dance and has its own dance productions. Some of its major indigenous productions are ‘LAGIYE PALE’, ‘SWAPNA’ and ‘KALYANI’.


CHHANDANEERH is a classical dance institute that enriches, inspires and educates audience. It is committed to engage the audience in the expressive power of movement through events of dance performances that stimulate the audience for a deeper awareness of the language of dance movements, the history of Indian classical dance and the transformative power of live performance.


CHHANDANEERH is deeply committed to revisit and recreate the art of dance that bridges an interface between the dancers and the audience. Through its classes on dance appreciation and history of Indian classical dance CHHANDANEERH aims to help the students as well as the audiences re-establish a deep connection with their own bodies, build awareness of the incredible nuances & expressions and revitalize a cultural experience.