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The Natya Shastra has been significantly instrumental to the spread of popular classical dance forms across the world. Owing to the Hindu mythology, it is known as ‘Pancham Veda.’ It is accepted as the founding of all the dance forms in our country. After the ‘satya yuga’- the era of truth, in Treta yuga lust and desire started creeping into the minds of the earth. So, upon request by Devraj Indra, Lord Bramha recreated the Pancham Veda, from the ancient four Vedas. To spend the usefulness of this newly created ‘veda’, Lord Bramha introduce his son Bharatmuni and assign the task. As the story goes, Bharatmuni with his hundred sons and twenty-five Apsaras started performing and teaching in different dance forms. Later Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati gave their inputs into it. In the modern age, this ‘Pancham Veda’ rendered smoothly with eight classical dance forms.

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