Hanspukur, Midnapore- 721101,

West Bengal.

Call- +919434899352


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Welcome to Chhandaneerh

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CHHANDANEERH is a dance institute offering courses on Bharatnatyam – one of the most celebrated and classical forms of dance. Situated in the district town, Medinipur, West Bengal under the direct guidance and proprietorship of Joyeeta Hore.

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SINCHAN is an annual dance showcase of CHHANDANEERH held every year in the last week of December at Midnapore, West Bengal. It is a two-day dance program which promotes Indian Classical Dance as well as encourages artists and students of the Institute.

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Joyeeta is a young and dynamic Bharatnatyam dancer with a special focus on the traditional style of ‘Kalashkshetra’. She started the institute in ten years back.

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